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We handpick the best Fibre Deals just for you. We don't only look at price, so don't be fooled but rather we look at the value so you get piece-of-mind...because Fibre can be complicated if you're not sure what you're looking for.


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FREE Wifi Router

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Uncapped Fibre

24 Hour Support

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About MTN Fixed LTE

Openserve, a redesigned devision of Telkom has been successfully bringing Fibre to Homes & Business nationally. They have proven their worth as one of best Internet Service Providers in South Africa. We can vouch that their service and installation times are excellent, this makes Openserv a no-brainer. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Openserve has definitely got some of the best fibre connectivity in South Africa. They have proven to be an incredible company with great service in most cases. Give them a try with Datatel Connect.

Frogfoot definitely is very reliable, however, neither is generally better than the other as it depends largely which fibre connectivity infrastructure exists and in which areas. The important part is rather to choose a good supplier of Fibre with great support, like Datatel Connect.

Fibre has is generally great but most of your frustration may come from the reseller, we understand this which is why we pride ourselves in being one of the best resellers for the job, because of our support & customer service.

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